• What makes iScream different from other social media tools?

    iScream steps in where standard posting and monitoring tools leave off, giving you a clear social media marketing plan to follow. We provide the tools you need to give purpose and direction to your social activity, and an outline that helps you determine what to post, when to post it and where to share, based on your unique business goals. Want to learn more? Get all the details by checking out this quick video.

  • How does iScream work?

    You tell us your business goals, and we use a proprietary algorithm to create a customized editorial calendar, with recommended tasks outlined to the day. We even include tips and best practice advice to help you write engaging social content.

    Using our simple campaign wizard, creating a social campaign only takes about 20 minutes, and when you’re done crafting your custom social plan, we build your task checklist into a handy dashboard. Check out quick video to learn more, and get the nitty gritty on all the details.

  • Does my plan include pre-written social posts?

    iScream gives you subject recommendations based on your keyword search terms and business goals, but it does not actually provide you with pre-written posts. It does, however, include tips, content suggestions and best practice advice to help you craft engaging content. These are based on specific tasks and built into your dashboard for handy reference.

  • Who should use iScream?

    Everyone loves iScream. No, really! iScream is great for individuals and bloggers and is the perfect solution for small- to mid-sized businesses looking to engage the social world. Sign up here to start your social media campaign today.

  • How do you know what social media platforms to recommend?

    We take into account your business type, goals and target audience, then create a custom social media plan using a proprietary algorithm based on social media best practices.

  • Does iScream recommend more than Facebook and Twitter?

    There are a lot of peachy platforms out there, and depending on your business type, goals and audience, your custom iScream social media plan could include a range of recommended social media networks—from Pinterest to SlideShare and LinkedIn to YouTube.

  • Can I use iScream to manage multiple social media campaigns?

    Absolutely! Your subscription allows you to run up to 25 multiple social media campaigns with unlimited users. Contact iScream if you’d like to discuss custom pricing for more than 25 campaigns.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We sure do! Sign up today and you’ll get a full month to test drive your campaign for free.

  • Have any social media tips to share?

    When you sign up for iScream, you’ll get sweet social media tips delivered straight to your dashboard. Your tip will be tailored to your specific task, and designed to help you write engaging social content. But that’s not all. You can also get a smorgasbord of social media best practices, tricks, tips and delicious social tidbits by visiting our blog or following us on Twitter.

  • Who created this delicious tool?

    iScream was conceived and developed by Moose Antlerprises, a subsidiary of Moosylvania, an independent advertising agency based in St. Louis, MO.