What Do Consumers Want To See From Brands on Instagram?

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Instagram allows brands to creatively engage with consumers and build relationships by expressing the brand’s tone through images and videos. Below are some helpful tips for brands in order to make the most of their Instagram presence with a social media content strategy.


The images, videos and captions that a brand posts should help tell a story. Fans need a reason to follow the brand, and they want to be entertained. Brands should post a variety of pictures and videos that portray the brands overall essence, not just product shots. Whole Foods Market often posts photos and videos that represent healthy living and sustainability in addition to products and store events.Whole Foods


Followers want to see behind-the-scenes images from the brand that they would not be able to access elsewhere. Giving the fans a look behind the scenes can act as a reward for their interest in the brand. For example, brands like Burberry, post photos and videos of behind the scene looks at photo shoots and fashion shows.


Hosting a photo contest can help a brand build a strong following and increase engagement. This also helps the brand gain more insight into the type of fans they have and how to engage with them. Dunkin’ Donuts executed a photo competition last Halloween that encouraged fans to post images of coffee cups in costumes for the chance to win a gift card.


The use of hashtags on Instagram can help a brand build a following and encourage brand loyalists. Take Urban Outfitters for example who uses #UOonYou (Urban Outfitters on You) and encourages followers to post pictures of themselves wearing clothing from the retailer using the hashtag.

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