Fashion Truck Meets iScream Truck

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Rack + ClutchEmily Ponath is the driver and dreamer behind the Rack + Clutch fashion truck.  With plenty of retail experience, she knew that shops in St. Louis faced high rent and low foot traffic. So, Emily decided to bring her shop to her shoppers.


First, she bought a truck, designed a look and filled it with fashionable clothes and accessories. Of course, there were some barriers. She had to jump through hoops to get permits. Then she had to find a way to tell people where to find the truck. Without a permanent address, advertising where the moving boutique was parked proved to be a challenge.


Emily, however, was no newbie to social media. So she started posting her routes, featured outfits and lifestyle pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  And shoppers were lining up around the truck. But as business got busier, social media took a back shelf.


Emily needed a co-pilot to keep her on track with posting and engaging with fans, so she started using iScream Social to create a custom social editorial calendar for her business. iScream made it easy for Emily to log in, check her daily Tasks, create content and keep recruiting new fashion followers.

“Social media has made a huge impact on the success of my business… Using the iScream app  has helped me diversify content I’ve been posting. It makes me think a little more – lifestyle posts, famous quotes, and photos… Especially on Instagram, I’ve gotten a lot of followers in a short amount of time.”


Rack + ClutchSince using iScream, Emily has seen more consistent engagement, high traffic at her truck and a steady increase in followers.  With the content calendar tools, she can delegate tasks to her interns, get reminders for missed tasked and check her analytics.


In the future, Emily will keep pushing herself to find new ideas and inspiration. She’s always looking to grow. And iScream Social is the perfect tool to keep her on the fast track to greater success.


Follow Emily for a quick retail fix, and ask us about iScream Social for your business in the comment section below.

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