Efficiently and Effectively Handling Industry Changes

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Big and Fast Industry Changes

The digital world is evolving every single day. New social media tools, technologies, algorithms, updates and platforms are being introduced at a rapid pace. In the past month alone Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all updated their algorithm and/or released a new method of advertising.

So how can you keep up with all of these game changing updates in a timely, efficient and effective manner?

Prepare: Read Up

Learn to predict what’s coming next in the industry by reading up on the latest industry news. Build up a collection of important news sources and blogs that clearly and concisely describe the new changes. Even better, find authors that go a step further and summarize what these changes mean for similar businesses and industries.

To start discovering the latest changes in the digital realm, we recommend the following news sites:

Simplify the Search Process

To make things easier, there are a variety of news reader platforms that can compile the news most relevant to your business. Spend more time reading and analyzing the articles, rather than searching for them. As an added benefit, discover a reader that works well on mobile, tablets and desktops to ensure the news is available at work, home and on-the-go.

Get started compiling with one of our recommended reader tools:

Analyze on Each Level

The information in each article can further be broken down to build understanding on each level of the problem. Mapping these segments out can help strengthen the quality of insights drawn between each tactic or platform. This information can be split into three distinct sections:

  • Granular

  • Connections

  • Big Picture

Granular information is data that is highly relevant to that particular industry or platform. This data is very applicable towards building industry- and platform-specific tactics. However, this information needs to be refined and constructed to be seen in a bigger scope to encompass the larger effects.

Next, identify the connections that this news has with other industries, platforms or companies. These connections will be important towards developing more generalized tactics to help meet the specific goals in a social media strategy.

Once the granular data and connections have been built, dive into the big picture relevance. Ponder what influence this change will have on your social tactics and strategy. Grasp the influence that the change will have on the industry as a whole. Identify the innovation opportunities that are ready to be filled.

Time for Action

Write all of your thoughts, connections and innovative ideas down! Make sure that these thoughts can be turned into actionable items and prioritize them in an efficient manner. This can be as simple as creating three categories of colored sticky notes based on the priority of their action and organizing them to get the vital items done first.

Don’t forget to loop other important decision makers in this process, since collaboration can yield better results. Just make sure that the system is easily adoptable by those involved and effective in making change happen.

Have any other ideas on how to handle important industry changes? Care to share your company’s methods in managing them?


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