Is iScream Social Right For My Small Business or Non-Profit?

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Social Media PlannerIf your business or non-profit has trouble keeping up with the day-to-day of social media, growing your fan base or creating content, there’s good news. A taste-tastic new app has just launched to help relieve your social media woes.

 Tell Me More!

iScream Social breaks down actions on each of your social platforms day-by-day. It’s essentially a social media planner custom made for you! iScream even helps generate content using keywords specific to your business or non-profit.

 I’m Intrigued. Go On.

Some of our iScream Beta testers were socially savvy, but limited on resources (i.e. staff, time, marketing budget). iScream was the perfect tool because you can assign tasks to interns and co-workers, get the daily breakdown for your platforms and maximize budget with exclusive tips for promotions and more. iScream will even send you an “Oops, You Dropped Your iScream” email when you miss tasks.

 But Social Media is Like a Foreign Language to Me…

No Habla Hashtags? No problem! iScream is a friendly, introductory guide to social media for businesses and non-profits. No matter your age or experience, iScream is approachable and educational. We don’t speak over your head with analytics. We simplify strategy, uniting all your platforms and campaigns on one user-friendly dashboard.

 Social media editorial calendarHow Do I Get Started?

To enjoy iScream, simply sign up. Start a campaign. Sync any social media platform you are currently active on or would like to be active on, including your blog. Use Google AdWords to create a list of keywords for your custom social strategy. Now, you’re ready to start making an impact in the social stratosphere.

 More Questions?

The iScream team is ready to chat! Add your comments below or email us at

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