Incorporating Google’s Hummingbird Update into your Local Search Optimization

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Google Hummingbird UpdatesGoogle recently updated their ranking algorithms again, and this time the updates can have effects on your website’s search engine marketing strategies if you blog regularly. The new update, called Hummingbird, was rolled out all at once, unlike the iteration-approach Google took with previous updates Penguin and Panda.

What Does Hummingbird Mean for Your Site?

The biggest change with this update is that Google is now looking at how people search for things — instead of what you’re looking for. Search is becoming more of conversation.

So if user is, for example, looking for a “gaming remote”, search results will also include “game controllers” as well.

This means that local search optimization is becoming more about the relationship between context and keywords.

Now, What Do I Have to Do to My Site?

If you’re already blogging regularly, you have a solid start. High quality content is king, and for that content to be effective, it needs to be regularly updated.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, now is the time to set one up. Services like WordPress and Tumblr can both usually be added to your existing site without too many complications.

What Should I Write About on My Blog?

Google’s Hummingbird update places emphasis on contextually relevant content — content that is clear, concise and provides value to users. Good content is something a person is willing to share with friends or link to from their own site.

Some common types of content that will help you keep your seo strategy on track include:

  • How-To posts – Just about any type of company or service can create a good how-to post. Fashion retailers can discuss how to use the newest trends, whereas restaurants can share cooking types and recipes.
  • Q & As – If you have an active social community, use them to mine topics for your blog. Then you can promote those on social to bring your social and search engine marketing strategies full circle.
  • Brand News – Writing about your brand is always a good thing, however posting the same content over and over on multiple press release sites is not. Get into the habit of writing separate posts for your blog and for press release sites like PitchEngine.

How will you update your blogging practices moving forward?