School’s Back in Session: Non-Profit Education Social Media Strategy

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iScream UniversitySome schools have been hesitant to jump on the social media bandwagon, but the iScream class of 2013 is ready to get schooled in social media. Educators have questioned opening the door for potentially negative conversations, but there is much more to gain than to lose with smart guidelines and strategic social media. Schools should use a social strategy for non-profit organizations to reach their audience.

Putting an editorial calendar for social media at the top of your back to school list is smart for more than a few reasons:


According to The Guardian, 65% of prospective college students use social media three or more times a day. Schools can’t remain competitive without adding social media to their recruitment strategy. Pushing out engaging content, interacting with current and prospective students and creating a strong school voice will make social an effective way to reach and recruit new students.

Public Relations 

In an article about social media in public schools, Forbes said, “Given so much negative media about public education, schools can no longer leave public relations to chance. Social media allows schools to direct their followers to newspapers and TV segments featuring positive information. School districts can also use social media to highlight the hard work of their students and staff, and their school district’s accomplishments.”

Real Time Communication

Social media is a quick way to updates students, parents and faculty about timely school news, such as school closings, event information, schedule changes, and more in real time.


Think of social media as an ever-present school mascot without the sweaty costume. A strong school voice can raise morale, create a sense of community and give your school a brand – whether that be innovative, caring, elite, etc.

Get your school started on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more with a custom social media campaign using iScream. It’s easy to setup and a snap to keep up with.

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