Find Your Keywords: Capabilities of The New Google Keyword Planner

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Keyword research is the foundation of any successful social media content strategy. The recently updated Google Keyword Planner combines the functionality of the Google Keyword Tool with the paid advertising insights of their Traffic Estimator, providing users with a resource to create highly effective keyword lists. This free tool was created to help marketers determine which keywords will be beneficial for their website and social media content as well as their paid advertising campaigns. The recent integration of these two keyword platforms makes all of the search statistics and related information available to you in one central location.

The Google Keyword Planner assists with the following keyword related tasks:

  • Identifying new keyword opportunities
  • Gathering traffic estimates
  • Providing competition levels
  • Outlining search trends
  • Creating ad groups
  • Establishing competitive keyword bids
  • Constructing overall campaign budgets

Once you arrive at the Keyword Planner, you’ll have the option to search for keywords and ad group ideas based on terms related to the product or service your business provides, discover keyword opportunities based on a specific URL, enter or upload specific keyword ideas for performance metrics or multiply existing keyword lists. There is also the option to do a more broad keyword search based on product category.

By default results will be broken out into ad group ideas which is useful for establishing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and can also be beneficial for segmenting content ideas. Select the Keyword Ideas tab to see search volume, competition, average cost per click (CPC) and ad impression share. You also have the ability to view search trends for a specific keyword by hovering over the graph icon to the left of the average monthly search column. At any time during your keyword research you have the option to modify your search. Add keywords to My Keyword Ideas by clicking the arrow in the far right column and download your selections, or the full recommended keyword list, into an Excel CSV or Adwords Editor CSV (which allows for quick importing into AdWords Editor platform) to sort based on your selected criteria.

The new Keyword Planner Tool provides a lot of helpful information for constructing both successful PPC campaigns and overall content strategies. Check back for tips on how to use this tool to determine the most effective keywords for your website and upcoming PPC campaign.

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