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LinkedInIt’s no longer just about connections; LinkedIn has become the go-to social media tool for B2B communication. But is your business using LinkedIn to its full potential? LinkedIn published statistics showing that only 1% of LinkedIn users drive 26% of the site’s traffic.

 Recently, American Express took B2B social by storm, setting up conversational platforms that instituted a “pull” strategy on their target market. Creating meaningful threads of conversations around their audience, Amex was able to effectively spark continual conversation with small businesses as well as potential investors. Parts of their social media’s mix included LinkedIn discussions as well as integrating their business page on Facebook.

Citigroup also has successfully harnessed a social B2B strategy. Citi decided to manage a group on LinkedIn to help reach a larger audience of women in banking. In less than 4 months, they  gained more than 43,000 members and started 18,000 discussions. Their strategy wasn’t to sell more, but to showcase themselves as a caring and useful tool for women in leadership roles.

 Don’t let these big brands intimidate you, it’s easy for any small business to build their B2B network through LinkedIn.

Here are a couple tips from Ross Wilson of Ignite Social Media on how to harness the power of LinkedIn:

 1)   Go Visual – Incorporate Banner Images to help customers visualize your product or offering

2)   Optimize the About Section – Instead of copying this from Facebook or your homepage, use this space to leverage B2B information.

3)   Use LinkedIn Polls – Asking thought provoking questions helps separate your brand as an industry leader.

4)   Share Links – Using LinkedIn to share stories from other authors is a great way to build your network and B2B integration.

5)   Feature Your Employees – Show the faces behind your brand!

6)   Use the Career Listings – Help increase your visibility by showcasing the positions inside your company that are available.

7)   Create a Group – This is the best way to be seen as a thought-provoking leader in your industry. As the group grows so does your authority and brand.

Get started today using iScream Social to create a custom social plan and integrate these tips to build your LinkedIn buzz!

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