Facebook Ads & Your Social Marketing Strategy: 4 Simple Steps to Get Started Now

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Whether it be a one-off promotion or a part of your brand’s larger social marketing strategy, Facebook Ads can be a low effort activation that works at just about any budget, big or small.Facebook Ads

So with all the tools out there, how can I set up ads fast?

1. It all starts with your goals.

At the end of the day, what are you trying to achieve? Knowing your goals helps streamline your ad options. In most scenarios, generic marketplace ads or promoted posts will get the job done.

Start with promoted post ads, which can appear in the desktop and mobile newsfeeds, can meet most goals, especially in promotions, marketing new products or even gaining new fans. Just make sure your posts have a strong call to action, so users don’t have to guess what the next step is.

2. Next comes copy and images.

While marketplace ads have fairly specific requirements, many of those same limitations don’t apply to promoted posts.

Where You Can Start: When it comes to copy and image best practices, we’ve found a couple of consistent trends that work well on all our brands.

With Marketplace Ads:

  • Use marketplace ads on desktop devices, and point them to a Like-Gated tab. Marketplace ads are great at driving traffic at a lower CPM than Promoted Posts, but they perform best when they point to content that requires users to Like a page to access exclusive content (a Like Gate). Some popular (and effective) content includes coupons or sweepstakes.

With Promoted Posts:

  • If you don’t have the opportunity to create new ads, go through your recent posts and identify posts with high engagement (lots of comments and likes) and use those posts as your ad.

  • To gain fans, create unpublished posts in Power Editor that have strong call to actions to Like the page.

  • To increase engagement, promote content related to larger campaigns or promotions. Marketing this content in ads gives them a sense of urgency (which helps increase response) without worrying about leaving ads up too long.

3. Set up & Launch.

When creating ads, don’t make them from the newsfeed! That is a rookie mistake and can be more costly in the long run. Use tools like Power Editor to make quick work of ad setup. Power Editor adds a lot of extra functionality, like duplicating ads and bulk ad updates. You can also schedule ads to launch at specific times if you’re crunched for time, or simply let them start as soon as you finish them.

4. Optimize.

In our experience, this is where most of the questions come in. How do I optimize ads? What should I be looking for? Here are some items we like to look for when it comes to add optimization:

  • For Fan Acquisition, how much is the cost per fan? Facebook provides this metric in the advertising dashboard now, but it can be expressed as total spend divided by fan growth. The average cost per fan is approximately $1.40, so pause any fan growth ads that cost more than that per fan.

  • For Awareness, what is your CPM? CPM (or Cost Per Million) is the cost of 1,000 impressions. CPM is heavily dependent on what type of ads you use, but CPMs shouldn’t be more than $9-10. Pause any that are over that.

Facebook Ads can be an integral part of social media strategy if they’re planned and executed right. Will you be incorporating Facebook ads into your promotions?