Non-Profits Can Promote Change Using Social Media

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In a recent endeavor to enlist more organ donors, Facebook allowed users to add an organ donor status to timelines. This ignited a 2000% increase in the number of people signing up to donate and proves that social media is a strong driver for non-profits.

Non-profits need to constantly drive awareness, drive donations, recruit volunteers and create change to make an impact. Social media platforms are the perfect place to make that happen.

  1. Public Recognition is High. Very High.  Go! St. Louis

    People support causes they feel passionate about, but they also don’t mind a little recognition here and there. In the past, that meant engraving plaques or honoring generous patrons at ceremonies. Now, fans can share that they just made a donation via Twitter. Join a cause on Facebook. Or create an awareness video on Youtube and get instant recognition from all 782 of their friends.

  2. It’s Easy to Find Fans Predisposed to Your Cause.

    Social media makes it easier to search and recruit for new advocates, donors and fans. You can find people predisposed to your cause based on their likes, interest and keywords. Putting on a 5K for your non-profit? Search for people who like to run!

  3. People Inherently “Like” Good. 

    If you have a good cause, there is good news: People like to “Like” good things. People will share and support content they believe in and believe serves a purpose outside shameless self-promotion. Share stories about the lives your non-profit has changed and upcoming events, fans will spread your word.

    St. Judes

  4. It Fits In Your Budget (Or Lack There Of). 

    Social media tools for non-profits are readily available and affordable. iScream Social helps you target your audience with keywords and reel in fans with an editorial calendar. It’s an efficient use of smaller budgets, and when you build up your marketing funds you can start to promote posts and use ads to continue to build your fan base.

  5. It’s a Great Resource for Your Activists.

    Social media allows your fans to leverage the power of their followers by tagging your non-profit in posts. It’s a great tool to help them raise money and awareness for a good cause through their own network of friends and family.


Ask the experts at iScream Social how you can get your non-profit to the forefront of social media. Add your questions to the comment section below.

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