Your Biz Needs Social Media Optimization

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Optimization has been thrown around as a buzzword in the digital marketing world for the past several years. But when it comes to social media optimization, why should your business care?

Here’s why: most recently, social networks have been driving an increasing amount of traffic to websites – outperforming search referral traffic in a few instances. Your social referral traffic is dependent on how well you’re optimizing your social media plan and social media strategy.

Check out these few simple steps below to ensure you’re executing a better social media optimization plan.

 1) Make content engagement-friendly

The first key to social media optimization is to make sure your content is engagement-friendly so that users are more willing to interact and share it across platforms! Follow a content strategy plan, include call-to-actions in your posts and above all, use keywords to help drive SEO.

2) Experiment

Test, test, test. The only way to truly optimize social media is to experiment with a wide variety of posts. Try questions, videos, pictures or polls to help determine which of your posts are the most engaging.

3) Review your analytics regularly

If you don’t pay attention to your analytics, you won’t be able to optimize in a timely manner. Take advantage of the intuitive tools provided by the social media networks to truly understand how your followers are engaging with you – and use that info to your advantage!

Have any other tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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