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Facebook recently announced that it will support the use of hashtags, which enables users to easily engage with content that is relevant to them. Using Facebook hashtags is the newest way for your small business to join the conversation on social media.

One of the best things about using hashtags on Facebook is that consumers already know how to use them. Fans and brands already include hashtags in their Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest posts, so it will not be a tough adjustment to start using them on Facebook.

Prior to this change, brands could target users based on age, location, gender, relationship status, sexuality, education, language, work place and interests. Now, brands can capitalize on a much larger data source — what people talk about on a daily basis and more importantly, what their sentiments are.

So, how can this help your business? By collecting this additional data about users, you are able to learn so much more about your target market and therefore reach them in a more effective way.

Here are a few tips to help you incorporate Facebook’s new hashtag feature into your social media strategy:

 1. Increase Engagement With Consumers

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If you want to create the perfect consumer marriage you need to connect with them through engagement.  When your business includes hashtags in a Facebook status, it is a way for your brand to join the conversation. If users click or search a particular hashtag, your status will now come up in the search result for that topic. It is a way for your brand to connect and appear relevant to users each and every day you post.

The Human Society did a great job interacting with consumers on Take Your Dog to Work Day with the hashtag #takeyourdog. Hundreds of people on Facebook used that hashtag on Friday, and The Humane Society jumped right into the conversation.

2. Expose your business to a new audience

Hashtagging keywords in your Facebook posts will help you reach more people who are interested in your brand or business. A person might not necessarily think to “like” your Facebook page if they do not already use your product or know your brand. However, if a person comes across your page when searching a particular trending hashtag and encounter engaging content, they are more likely to interact and ‘like’ your page. Maximize your Facebook search potential by using relevant  trending hashtags, increasing your visibility to a wider audience.

3. Don’t Abuse Your Hashtag Privileges

Overusing hashtags on Facebook is the equivalent of spam. Hashtags scattered through a status appear too promotional to users, whereas choosing one or two well thought out hashtags at the end of a statement are viewed as helpful and clever. Additionally, it is likely that Facebook will ban the overuse of hashtags so as to avoid brands from abusing them.

4. Connect With The Right Audience

The Facebook hashtag gives your business access to users who post timely content about your brand. This will give you a better idea of who currently likes your brand versus someone who “liked” your page five years ago and never looked back. For example, if a person posted a hashtag relating to your brand today, you will have a better idea of who’s active within your community

Have you used any hashtags for your business yet? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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