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A few members of the iScream team recently headed West for the 2013 Social Media Marketing World Conference. We walked away with a few souvenirs and plenty of social media knowledge to share with our friends and followers. These are some of the most trending tactics to make your content more engaging:

  • “How Can I Help You?” It’s probably the single most important phrase you can ask when developing content for your social media communication strategy. If you want people to engage with your brand you have to give them a reason. Don’t be self-serving, but do be a thought leader. Be a resource. Be entertaining.shutterstock_111054995
  • Most Importantly, Be Yourself People don’t want to follow robots.They want to have real interactions with humans, and social media is one of the best spaces for brands to show their more “human” side. A post isn’t a billboard or TV spot, it’s a quick, affordable, and smart place to exercise a little character. Tailor messages to individual fans, and…
  • Capitalize on a “Moment” In Kyle Lacy’s presentation of the 5 Trends Changing Social Media, he emphasized the how “moments” have become social. Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.26.54 PMYou might have heard about Oreo’s quick reaction to the 2013 Super Bowl blackout on Facebook. This set a new precedent for brands’ reaction time. “Moments” trend fast and furiously, and if you act quickly enough, you’ll see big payoff in your engagement and reach. Interacting with other brands and real fans in theses “moments” can help circulate your post as well.
  •  What’s the 4-1-1? A conversation works two ways because nobody wants to hear someone talk about themself all day. That goes for social media posting as well. It’s okay to sell yourself, but follow the 4-1-1 rule. Tweet four pieces of relevant, original content from others and re-tweet one relevant tweet for every one self-promoting tweet.
  •  Own Your Channel Don’t spread yourself to thin. If you are new to social media, start on the platform where your audience is most active. Channel your energy here, and once you have a strong following and a good rapport, conquer the next platform. You can cross promote your different social channels with links and mentions. iScream Social can help you strategically build your social media empire.

Tell us about your biggest social media challenges and conquests in the comment section below. We’ll respond with feedback from our key learnings at the 2013 Social Media World Conference.

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