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No matter how much social media and SEO help search rankings, blogging is still one of the MOST effective ways for businesses of every size to improve their social media strategy. Through smart content management your blog can act as a hub for all your social media efforts. Blogging…shutterstock_127141973

  1. Provides click-worthy content for your social channels: Each new blog provides fresh content for your business to push out on Twitter, Facebook, and more. It’s a great way to cross promote your social channels and gain new followers. Target specific audiences by diversifying the content in your blog. 
  2. Improves search rankings for your business: Use keywords from your iScream Social editorial calendar in your blogs and meta descriptions to strategically improve search rankings. Tagging keywords also helps readers find the content they are looking for quickly on your blog.
  3. Converts fans into customers: If people are getting useful and engaging content on your blog, they are already predisposed to become customers. Use a call to action for readers to sign-up for your email list. Then use that platform as a more sales-orientated place for converting fans into customers. Your blog shouldn’t be a sales pitch; it should be a source for useful content.
  4. Establishes your business as an industry thought leader: If you understand your audience and what they need, you can tailor blog content to meet these needs, and position your business as an expert! Lee Oden of TopRank Online Marketing says, “Make an effort to share useful content from others and engage wherever possible. Being useful is a great way to build your social networks. When you do promote your own content to social networks, make sure it delivers on the promise.”
  5. Provides an “owned channel” for content: In a digital world where algorithms and crawlers can change at the drop of a hat, it’s smart to house your most important content on an “owned channel” such as a website or blog. Facebook and Twitter can make you pay-to-play, but you have free rein over hierarchy of subjects in your blog.

Blogging offers your business a place to drive information demonstrate your industry knowledge and customer service before potential clients ever shop your website or visit your doorsteps. A well-kept blog boosts search rankings and gives you an edge against competitors.

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