Strategy and Tactics for Your Blog

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When it comes to blogging and social media management, I often hear confusion about the difference between strategy and tactics. It’s my goal to make it simple and explain why you need the details executed correctly for your big idea to come to life, you can’t win without both.

Strategy is the big picture


Strategy is the overarching framework, and it’s the process you plan to use.  It is having objectives, goals, and a method to approach different items.  It is working to define your target audience and I personally think it needs to include some measurement and analysis of what is working and what is not.  A few examples:

  • It’s approaching all blog content as if it were being read by just men or just women to make a strong connection.
  • It’s choosing to provide regular blog content because you want to create a recurring touch point for your brand with your target market.
  • It’s understanding that if you provide amazing and engaging content that it will increase your connection with your content consumers.

Tactics are the details that add up

Tactics are the individual details and actions taken to get a desired reaction.  They are ways to enhance your strategy. Take a strategy microscope to what you are doing and then you will find the tactics.  

A few examples include:

  • Use a call to action to encourage someone to click, leave comments or share.
  • Incorporate specific keyword phrases in blog content, so your blog might rank higher in organic searches, helping drive more/new traffic.
  • Ask for comments in way that tempt the reader to chime in to encourage engagement.
  • Tag and categorize posts so readers have a better user experience

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail and tying your overarching strategy with an arsenal of tactics and best practices.

Do you have a strategic tactic you implemented that made the difference? Are tactics ever more important that the big picture? Chime in with a comment below, and we’ll make sure to respond.


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