Weave Vine Into Your Social Media Strategy

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Vine VideoOf all the hot trends and big buzzwords of 2013, none have been buzzier in the social media realm than Vine, the Instagram-for-video social network owned by Twitter. While the appeal of the platform is clear, the jury is still out as to how to best utilize the looped, six-second videos as a part of a social media campaign for small businesses. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

  1. Look at Vine as an extension of your Twitter strategy. Vine’s tight coupling with its parent network allows users to receive your looped video content as a first-class citizen. This keeps your followers from getting distracted by third party advertising and prevents them from spiraling outbound like they might on YouTube.
  2. Think outside the app. While the in-app experience is great, many will be turned off by the 17+ rating that was applied after an unfortunate incident.  Additionally, since Vine is iOS-only right now, users of other devices will not be able to participate in the in-app experience, making the Twitter integration even more crucial.
  3. Stay focused. Six seconds isn’t much time to communicate, but that’s part of the genius of the platform. Much like Twitter’s character count limitation, the brevity of the message informs the content. But in contrast to Vine’s corporate parent, the nature of video allows for running themes, character development, even story arcs — except here, these elements must be are spread over multiple Vines.  While a multi-tweet arc is often seen as a failure of communication, having recurring characters and seeing individual Vines as episodes of a larger show is a familiar way to get your message across.

The future is bright for Vine. Get in on the ground level by creating account for your business today. Tell us how your business plans on using Vine, whether it be product demos, lifestyle videos, or funny shorts, in the comment section below.

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