Super Social Success: Big Game Lessons from Oreo

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Whether you watch for the sport or simply the ads, there was a lot to see during the Big Game last night. And while some watercooler talk may be focused on Baltimore this morning, around our offices, it’s all about O-R-E-O.

This year’s social media marketing MVP undoubtedly goes to the community manager who posts for those beloved black and white cookies. Not simply for that stellar tweet that shone through the dark, but for illuminating the larger idea that social media marketing isn’t just about slapping a hashtag on your ad or calling out your Twitter handle.

You can still dunk in the dark.

Oreo Big Game Tweet

At the end of the game, the brands that truly invested in social media (and did it well) were the ones who reaped the big benefits. And most of them were able to do it without the hefty price tag of a Big Game media buy. It’s testament to the power of social: the idea that it pays to be nimble–and be paying attention. It’s no longer about the million-dollar spot. It’s about capitalizing on a moment and finding a way to cleverly integrate your brand into a larger conversation.

Take for example, Coke, and their Coke Chase ad. From the outside, it appeared to do all the right things – asking for engagement and literally attempting to bring fans along for the ride. But the difference between their ad and the Oreo tweet was mostly directional. Coke tried to bring the fans along with them. Oreo went along with the fans. And in the end, the ad that didn’t push it’s own agenda out-buzzed even the big sponsors.

So what’s the lesson here? Social media marketing is about relevancy. It’s about connections. And it’s about integrating your brand into the things that matter to your audience. In short, it’s about having a real-time conversation with your fans–and the big payoff that happens when it’s done right.

And with that, we’re off to buy some Oreos.

Which other brands saw super success with social? Any thoughts to add? Share them below.

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