5 Social Media Strategy Tips For Not-For-Profit Organizations

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Social media is a powerful platform that not-for-profit organizations can use to help increase awareness and engage potential donors for relatively low costs. Below are five tips to maximize the benefits of these communication platforms and ensure your social media strategy is working best for your not-for-profit. 

1. Setup your homebase.
Ensure the website you’ll be driving people to is optimized, socially integrated and set up to meet your overall objectives (i.e. fundraising, volunteer recruiting etc). You’ll ultimately want people to move seamlessly between your website and your social channels in order to create the best overall experience.

2. Identify your social channels.
Where is your organization or cause already talked about in social media? Facebook is always a good starting point, but simple searches on other social channels like Twitter or Pinterest can identify new channels and conversations that your not-for-profit can participate in and enhance.

3. Dedicate time.
With the vast amount of channels and users that are engaging in social media today, executing a well-thought out social media strategy takes time. Many companies have one person solely dedicated to executing their plan. For larger executions, teams of people can share responsibilities. Luckily, iScream’s task manager and editorial calendar can help you stay organized and assign tasks to specific people.

4. Create compelling content.
The success of a social media campaign relies heavily on the content that is created and pushed out. All content should tie back to your overall objectives and be engaging enough to encourage social sharing.

Social media offers a unique opportunity for not-for-profits to tell your organization or cause’s story, promote events, fundraise and even recruit volunteers.


Use iScream to help you craft this compelling content based on these unique business needs. We’ll give you the tips, tricks and insider insight so you can master it.

5.  Incremental ad support.
While social media is generally free, investing behind incremental advertising spend to grow your communities and reach users you normally wouldn’t is key to a successful strategy. Facebook ads can help you recruit new, targeted fans while promoted posts and promoted tweets expand the reach of your content.

Have any additional tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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