How To: Make Facebook Promoted Posts Part of your Marketing and Social Media Plan

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One of the biggest challenges in a social media communication strategy is knowing when to invest money in an otherwise free service. How much should you spend? Where in the marketing and social media plan should the budget be spent?

Facebook has been a go-to channel for small brands to test out digital advertising in their marketing and social media plan. But with so many ad options, it can be difficult to to know where to begin. If your goals include reaching and engaging your existing community, Facebook’s Promoted Posts are a great place to begin.

What is a Promoted Post?
A Promoted Post is a page post that receives additional page reach in fans’ news feeds.

Content can include anything — be it status updates, photos, offers, videos or questions. Posts are promoted using the page’s “Promote” button. You just need to make sure the posts meet Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines.

Promoted posts are run off a flat rate to reach an estimated number of users. Page owners can select their audience when promoting, whether it’s people who “Like” your page and people who “Like” your page and their friends. Duration is 3 days from when first promoted.

How Much Does a Promoted Post Cost?
A promoted post has a flat rate, which can be viewed on the Promote button’s dropdown. The cost and estimated reach of a post depends on a number of factors, such as your location and community size.

Want to maximize the results of your promoted post? Consider strategically targeting your post before promoting. Options like geo-targeting (down to the city level) or by language can ensure you’re reaching the right people.

How are Promoted Posts Different from Other Facebook Ads?
Facebook offers page owners a variety of ad type based on your end goals. Promoted posts are great for increasing fan engagement. However, they are not useful in gaining new “Likes”.

A major difference to note is that promoted posts only reach people that are already a fan of the page, with an option to also reach friends of fans. They also have limited targeting capabilities. The advanced interest and demographic targeting through Facebook’s Power Editor are not available to promoted posts, but available to other ad types, such as page post ads or marketplace ads.

What Should I Promote?
First, ask yourself what is your current campaign goal. Are you promoting a sale or maybe a new product? The post you promote should tie directly into your existing campaigns. With that said, Facebook offers a number of different media types that can be used in a promoted post:

  • Photos & Videos. Keeping in line with overall Facebook best practices, photos and videos are attention grabbing and natural engagement drivers. In particular, look for photos or videos of new products, campaign imagery or other images related to your brand. Just note — if you plan on promoting an image, text content must be under 20% of the entire image.

  • Offers. Facebook Offers allows deals and discounts (both in-store and online) to be shared with a page’s fans or be used to recruit new fans. Promoted posts are an easy way to ensure that more fans see and claim your offer.

  • Status Updates & Links. Announcing a new location or pushing for more extra website visits? Promoting a status update or a link can help direct fans to the content you want them to see most.

  • Questions. Promoting a poll question can help gain valuable follower insights. Not sure what your next blog topic or how-to video should be? Set up a simple poll and let your fans tell you what they want the most.

Are you ready to incorporate Facebook Promoted Posts into your social media communication strategy? What will you be sharing first?