Your Complete Guide on How to Use LinkedIn for New Business

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LinkedInLinkedIn is quickly becoming an essential part of a complete social media strategy for businesses. Whether your focus is consumers or other businesses, your company can benefit. A recent survey has found that 62% of companies using LinkedIn have acquired a customer from the network and that 65% of B2B companies report that they have acquired a customer through LinkedIn.

So who’s on LinkedIn? The site’s membership includes executives from every company on the Fortune 500 and 49% of LinkedIn users have a household income over $100k.

Create a company profile on LinkedIn

Setting up a personal profile is fairly straightforward. You can also have company pages on LinkedIn, and here’s how to set them up:

  • Click to the “Companies” option on the horizontal menu and select “Add Company” button in the upper right corner.
  • Fill in the company’s name and your email at the company. Select Continue. You’ll then have the option to add more information to the profile, like a description, the number of employees and industry.
  • Continue through the wizard and add any additional logos, locations and feeds (like a blog or Twitter feed) you’d like.

LinkedIn will also pull in any other information from around the site, so just note that not everything that appears on the company profile will be information you provided. This can include any job listings you have on the site, current employees, new hires and promotions or recent departures.

LinkedIn will also compile all sorts of information in its Statistics section. This section will show any common companies people worked at before coming to your company, the most commonly listed skills by employees, annual company growth, and job function composition, among other information.

5 Best Things to do on LinkedIn

  1. Content Marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing is the creation and sharing of informative content to convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. To learn more about content marketing, check out this great post. LinkedIn’s many groups provide great places to promote your blog posts and respond to questions pertaining to your field.
  2. Build Expertise. Check out LinkedIn Answers for questions you can answer and show your experience in the field. Make sure to take the time to provide in-depth and thoughtful answer though.
  3. Connect With People You Know — and Ask for Recommendations. Don’t just be a passive force on LinkedIn; connect with those you know, and ask those very close to you to write recommendations of your work. Be prepared to return the favor and write recommendations for others.
  4. Make Sure Your — and Your Company’s — Profile is Complete. Make sure you fill out your profile and your company’s profile as thoroughly as possible. Because LinkedIn aggregates personal profile information of your employees to the company profile, it might be wise to consider a social media policy to ensure your company is showing the correct information.
  5. List Your Services. By listing your services, you’re not only letting potential consumers know what you offer, but you’ve also found another important place to include keywords important to your business.
  6. Research, Research, Research. Use LinkedIn as a tool to research potential vendors or even job candidates. LinkedIn is a powerful tool in a business’ social media strategy for sourcing, and don’t feel bashful about looking a person or company up.

Have your goals on LinkedIn extended past personal networking? What other tips and tricks do you have for building a solid content marketing strategy on LinkedIn?