Use Slideshare in Your Online Business Strategy to Keep Your Content Working

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Does it seem like your old presentations are piling up in your hard drive with no real purpose? By giving your old presentations a little dusting off, a little SEO magic, and a site — aptly named SlideShare — dedicated to sharing presentations, you’ll give your business a big boost.

6 Best Things to do on SlideShare

  1. Incorporate your Brand and a strong Call-to-Action. Don’t be afraid to add a little self promotion to your slides. If you’re allowing your content to be available for download, make sure to include your company’s name, logo and contact information to get credit for all your hard work.
  2. Be Consistent. As with just about any online business strategy, the benefits of Slideshare will only really appear if you consistently work with the site. So when you’re setting up your editorial calendar for the month, remember to include a few posts on SlideShare.
  3. Know your Keywords. With so many opportunities to link to your site, make sure you have a strong keyword approach and are linking smartly. And use your description and tags to further utilize your keywords.
  4. Appearance Matters. When you’re creating your presentations for uploading, make sure you’re using a clean and easy-to-read template. Include your logo and contact information prominently on the cover slide and then again on the final slide.
  5. Share, Track, Repeat. You have the option to not allow downloads on your media, so use that option wisely. But more importantly, use your other social media channels to promote new updates. As you work through your posts, check your analytics to see which posts were successful and which didn’t connect.
  6. Connect to your other accounts. Slideshare offers a useful app for LinkedIn integration, giving you the option to share your presentations right on your profile. Now isn’t that convenient?

How do you think Slideshare will help your online business strategy? Do you have content you’re ready to publish?