Ready to Extend Your Content’s Reach? 5 Bits of Advice on Using Scribd for Your Content Marketing

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Do you have a resource center on your website filled with case studies and other documents? Not sure if there’s anything you can do with those documents to further your SEO efforts? Well, wonder no more — file sharing sites like Scribd will help further your content marketing strategy without eating up hours of time.

What is Content Marketing on Scribd?

Content marketing is essentially the creating and sharing of information to create a more engaged and informed client base. So as a part of a content marketing strategy, you might have a blog. And to really make your blog go places, you post your blog updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So should you extend your strategy to include Scribd?

Scribd’s creators consider the site as a “hub for all your written content — where you can upload, organize and distribute your work on the web and mobile devices.” You can upload text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, photos and images, and pdfs to the website to store and share. And when you upload a file, Scribd’s formatting makes sure your documents can’t be altered by outside users.

Once your documents are published on Scribed, you have full control over them. You can edit them, change titles and keywords, delete them or even share or embed them on other sites. Readers can share, bookmark and download your shared documents.

So with Scribd, your content marketing strategy can benefit from an extra boost of exposure. Add in Scribd’s built-in readership statistics and unlimited storage, and you’ll have a great start.

Who Should Use Scribed?

If you have a blog and hope to increase readership or have a lot of sales materials, research documents or case studies, you should definitely look into Scribd.

Optimize Your Profile

One of the first areas you should really flesh out on Scribd is your profile. While setting up your profile, remember to completely fill in:

  • Your Username. This can be your brand name or a personal name, just make sure that it is easy to relate back to your other channels.
  • Your Image. Include a picture of you or your company’s logo.
  • Your Website. Always include a link. This could be to your blog or resources center, or it could be your main website.
  • Your Following. Start out building an audience by finding people who share content similar to you and start following them.

Now that your profile is set up, what are your goals for Scribd? Let us know in the comments!