Google Plus for Companies — Is Google+ Right for You?

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Google PlusMarketers may have been hesitant to add Google+ to the social media strategies when the site launched in 2011, but the number of brands on the site is increasing now that Google is highlighting relevant Google+ content in search results. At the close of 2012, there will be an estimated 250 million global users. So should you add Google+ to your social media strategy? Read on and we’ll give you the tips and tricks to Google+.

Creating & Optimizing Your Profile

When you’re filling out your Google+ profile, make sure you hit these important sections:

  • Your Photo. This can be a personal photo of you or company’s logo. You also have the option to add another photo horizontally across your profile.
  • A brief description of who you are. This field is located directly under your name.
  • An Introduction and Bragging Rights. When filling in these fields, remember to include any important keywords you want to highlight.
  • Other Profiles. Here you can link to any other social media accounts you have or any other public profiles you have, like on a company website. You can add titles and URLs here, and the appropriate symbol will appear next to it.
  • Contributor to. If you contribute to any blogs or article sharing sites like Scribd or Ezines, you can include those links here.
  • Recommended Links. This field is where you can add any additional links, like a company website or a personal website.

You also have options to add your employer, occupation, any places you lived and other personal fields.

All fields have individual privacy settings, so you can determine on each section whether you want to be public, visible to your extended circles, just your circles or completely privately.

For more great tips on how to create a top-notch profile, check out this blog post by Career Sherpa.

Helpful Terminology

  • Circles. Circles are the main friend management system of Google+. Much like Facebook’s friend lists, you can create circles based on themes like coworkers, family, media or celebrity personalities. With these circles in place, you can share information selectively based on what circle they are in. And much like Twitter, if a person adds you to a circle, you aren’t required to add them to a circle.
  • Hangouts. Hangouts are a form of video chat. You can chat with up to 10 people at a time using Hangouts.

Now that you’re ready to get started, what are your goals for Google+? Let us know in the comments!