Google Plus for Business: How Does it Fit in your Social Media Strategies?

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Even a year after its introduction, Google+ is still an open book of possibilities for small businesses’ social media strategies. Now that you’re ready to get started, let iScream give you the tips and trick of Google Plus for companies.

5 Best Things to do on Google+

  1. Get Circled With Related People and Pages. One way to grow your visibility in Google’s search results is to appear in the Related People and Pages feed. To show up in this feed, you’ll need to do a couple things within Google+: Fill out your profile, post about your favorite topics and appear in relevant circles. How often is often enough? Because Google+ is still fairly new, posting best practices are still being written and rewritten. However you’ll want to keep the site in the forefront of your mind and not let content become stagnant.
  2. Build Authority. With Google+, it may take some sweat and hard work to start seeing results. Google’s emphasis on networking in Google+ means that not only is your content important, but your influence in the network is important as well. So work hard to gain followers by posting interesting, quality and shareable content.
  3. Share Photos and Videos. Your posts don’t have to be just links or status updates. Spice up your posts with images or videos when you can.
  4. Utilize Different Sharing Options. On your posts, it is easy to designate which circle(s) you want to see your post. This helps keep your circles from being overwhelmed with updates and keeps your professional contacts from any personal posts you want to share with only close friends.
  5. Post-Publish Edit Wisely. By selecting the arrow in the upper right corner of posts, you can edit a post after it has been published. So for all those times you noticed that typo just after hitting share, you now have an easy way to go back and save the embarrassment. But don’t use this as an excuse to get sloppy with your copy!

Are you ready to add Google+ to your roster of social media strategies? What do you hope to achieve for your brand through the network?

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