Facebook Strategies for Small Businesses: Top 5 Things You Can Do Now

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For many brands, Facebook is a great place to connect on a more personal level. By crafting compelling content and interacting with consumers, brands can pull double duty — creating content sharers who recommend brands to their friends and learn more about the interests, hobbies and other details of their chief consumers.

5 Best Things to do on Facebook

  1. Play by the Rules. It should go without saying that to play in Facebook’s sandbox, you need to follow their rules — especially if you plan on running contests or sweepstakes. Keep up to date on all Facebook’s rules on their Business Pages Help Center.
  2. Know Why People are Your Fan. Facebook fans have a straightforward reasoning as to why they like brands on Facebook: They’re already customers and they want access to discounts and promotions. If you’re ever not sure why your fans are there, pose a question or a poll and let their responses guide your policy.
  3. Cross Promote Wisely. Look for simple ways to expand your fanbase. Have you incorporated Facebook share icons to your blog and newsletters? Is it easy for visitors to find your Facebook page from your website? Is your social media presence incorporated on your print marketing materials? Finding assets you already have in motion to promote your Facebook Page is an easy start to building, maintaining and engaging your fans.
  4. Engage, Engage, Engage. When you start your journey in Facebook, set up parameters early on about how you’ll interact with fans and share this information in your About portion. Have a specific number or email for fans to use for customer service? Have it available for fans to find quickly and easily. Also determine how frequently — if at all — you’ll reply to fan posts on your wall; 95% of posts on Facebook business pages are not answered by brands. Set yourself apart from your competition by being the company customers can count on for a prompt, professional response.
  5. Complement your instincts with Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights, the in-house metrics and analytics tool for business pages, offers a host of information for the administrator eager to take find what fans enjoy. Insights include graphs chronicling your most engaging posts, where your fans are from and other demographics to help understand who is seeing your content.

What are your favorite ways to connect with fans on Facebook? What other tips and tricks do you use to keep your fans coming back for more?

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