6 Slideshare Best Practices & Tips to Make the Most of Your Slideshows

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Do you have more slideshows and webinar recordings than you know what to do with? If all they’re doing is sitting in a hard drive somewhere, then you should consider a Slideshare account, and make those slideshows work for your social marketing business strategy.

What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is a website dedicated to sharing slideshows and webinar recordings. When used smartly, it can become an important part of your online business strategy. When you upload a slideshow, you can then share that slideshow through your various social media channels or embed it within a website.

In 2011, Slideshare had 12 million unique visitors a month and over 100 million users. Those users uploaded 50,000 slideshows a week and view an average of 20 slides per visit, according to Slideshare.

How Do You Upload Files?

Once you set up a company profile for Slideshare (which is as easy as registering a username, email and password), you can upload documents by clicking the orange upload button. Easy enough, right?

The new window will open up an option window. You can select whether you want the document to be public or private, and then you can add a keyword rich title, tags and description. Next, select a category from the dropdown and decide if you want to allow downloads. And with that you’re uploaded!

How Do I Know if I’m Succeeding?

Slideshare has a fairly robust analytics section. It will show how many times your slideshows have been favorited, commented on and viewed. The number of views will then break out into the number of views on Slideshare and the number of views on any websites you have documents embedded on.

Are you ready to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? What are your goals on Slideshare?