5 Tips How to Use PitchEngine (and Other Press Release Websites) Like a Pro

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PitchEngine — and other free press release sites — should be a critical part of a small business social media strategy. Writing press releases and submitting them to press release websites help a company gain a little extra exposure in the press and search engines.

Check out our list of the 10 best things you can include on a press release to give your social media communication strategy a digital boost.

5 Best Things to Include on a Press Release

  1. Skip the Sales Pitch and Provide Real Information. Many press release sites won’t accept your release if it sounds to sales-like (this isn’t the case for PitchEngine though), so consider what your goals are with the release. If you’re hoping for some media attention, don’t try and mask sales copy as facts. Keep your copy scannable, free of unnecessary jargon and easy to read, and you’ll be on the way to a well-received press release.
  2. Include the Answers to Journalists’ Big Questions. Along the same lines, make sure your pitches have all the facts a journalist is looking for: who, what, where, when, how and (arguably most important) why. A great press release gives a reporter all the important facts that they can quickly write up or incorporate into a larger story.
  3. Write Like a Journalist and Use the “Inverted Pyramid.” This means putting the most important facts at the top of your release — where it is most easily seen and digested by readers — and then incorporating the less important information towards the end. Any background information, like your company’s bio, should be included in the release’s boilerplate. For tips on how to write a great boilerplate, check out this blog.
  4. Make Sure your News is Actually News. Reporters want to work with what’s new — new industry developments, new products or temporary discounts — and with events and products that directly affect people — new laws, new medications, or new sales that save people money. When writing your release, you shouldn’t have to twist or spin your content to appear “newsworthy.” If you have to work hard, then consider shelving the release until another time.
  5. Focus on Your SEO. A press release can be a great way to incorporate your company’s name — and website — out in the wild, wild Internet. And optimizing a PitchEngine press release is a easy, even for a SEO novice. PitchEngine allows you to incorporate links throughout the body of your release, so find some great keywords your equally awesome content (for some general writing tips, check out this great blog post on ways not to screw up your copy) and link to equally awesome and relevant pages on your website.

What are your favorite press release sites? What tips do you have to get your release picked up?